Bar Cabinet 
What started as a salvaged find in a furniture resale shop turned into this gorgeous piece for my parent's living room. With the help of my Mom, we stripped, sanded, oiled, and stained this piece to bring it back to life. 
Refurbishing Process
Newly Lined Cabinet Interior
I love sewing, and decided to combine that with my interest in upcycling. Using scrap fabric and existing clothing items, I made myself several custom pieces. 
Plaid Shirt Set (2023)
Men's shirt transformed into a tank top and bolero
Pink Two-Piece Set (2023)
Made from scrap fabric, new fabric, and an existing garment loosely based on an 80s sewing pattern
Yellow Shirt (2023)
A cotton button down turned into a fitted top and headband tie
Orange Plaid Set (2022)
Men's shirt turned into top with fitted waist and headband with partial elastic
Checkered Set (2021)
Scraps leftover from deciding a lining fabric, turned into a top with a matching tote bag
Blue Shirt (2021)
Button down turned into plunge neck top

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